“Dia Viou” publications were founded in 2001 in Thessaloniki (Greece) by a group of people who really love written speech.
Our aim is to publish books of a special character. Following this direction, in July of the same year we released a photo album entitled “Routes to the Past, Megali Panagia in Chalkidiki, 1887-1978”.
It is a photo album which is the result of teamwork, whose members all share the same love for the tradition of their birthplace. The photographic material of the album comes from Vassilis Douka’s photographic records, the texts were written by Anna Papagianni and the redaction was done by Grammatiki Karavasilikou.
“Dia Viou” publications make a strong entrance in the sector of children’s literature in 2006 and their aim is to issue well-attended and quality books which will be enjoyed by young readers (from 1 up to 101 years old)… for life!