Book: A relation of life

The book is a relation of life that begins from the first years of life of a child.

The progressive rise of sales of children's books in our country shows us that more readers invest always today in this relation "the relation of life".
According to the elements that gave in the publicity, the Chairman of Contact of Editors of Northern Greece H. Mparmpounakis on the occasion the events for the World Day of Children's of Book, from the decade the 80 and afterwards, the titles of books in the Greek market, were increased. In 2007 the titles of books that circulated in our country were 10.000 roughly. 35-40% the total number of titles that circulated it was children's books.
As stressed during the same event the poet and translator Nikos Tentas, the last interval in the country elects us also one still category of children's of book. The adolescent book that is addressed in children of age of 11-15 years. The fact this proves that the interest not only the young readers but also globally the Greek families interested for children's book this had as a result to increase progressively.

Support in the qualitative children's book.

Despite the increase of titles of children's books that is recorded Pan-Hellenic, the editorial houses of Northern Greece, feel the “vibrations” that creates the shift of distribution and projection of book in Athens. As stressed the Chairman of SEBE Ch.Mparmpounakis, the last decade the traditional editorial houses of Northern Greece, shrink.

Particular accent should be given in the qualitative children's book. The reading of good bookS helps in the growth of linguistic level of children. It is in deed fact that the children today have better linguistic sensory that the children of previous generations, declare the teachers, while the professor of Linguistics in the Aristotele university of Thessaloniki (=AUTH) Sofronis Chatzisabbidis explains that “the increase of titles of children's books is reflected in one degree and in the improvement the written and mainly oral reason of children”.

Form the Publishing House “DIA BIOU”

Extract from the newspaper Thessaloniki 31/03/08,
Publish by S. Margaritidou.