"I say them to the sky"
Publications: Dia Viou (2007),
Shape: 15cm x 24,00cm (including a CD),
Pages: 56, Velvet paper 150gr, 
ISBN: 978-960-87001-2-3,
Price: 12.50  (including VAT 4.5%).

I say them to the sky is the new Thetis Chortiatis poem collection for children, in which the poet with inspiration, sensitivity, knowledge and art, touches issues in accordance with the childrens perceptivity and interests.
As Mrs Chortiati herself states: Poetry for children is particularly beneficial to the language learning period, which is regarded to last up to the early years of mans life. Poetry invites children to the sacred dance of words, to a flight play: "there flies, flies the mind!. These are the most creative moments of children when they turn reality into a dream and dream into reality. That way, the children feel free, they acquire fluency of combinative imagination and a daring spirit. This contributes to the child being released from the passive adjustment to some steady conditions and circumstances while it sharpens its critical ability and inventiveness. There exactly lies the educational value of imagination in childrens poetry, as it invites the child to an energetic participation in the vision of tomorrows world.

A CD, where the poet reads her poets and talks to the children, accompanies the book.

Thetis Chortiati
Georgis Parmenidis
Christos Parmenidis
Roula Papanikolaou
Grammatiki Karavasilikou


"The little frog that wanted to be a water lily"
Publications: Dia Viou (2007),
Shape: 23.50cm x 24.50cm (hardcover),
Pages: 48, Velvet paper 135gr,
ISBN: 978-960-87001-1-6,
Price: 12.00 (including VAT 4.5%). 

The little frog is sad. It thinks that it is not a pretty creature. It does not at all look like the beautiful snow-white water lilies of the lake. It would prefer to have been born a water lily too, rather than a frog. But its family tries to convince it that it is wrong, because although each creature of the nature may be different, all of them have their own grace and all together can and should live happily and harmoniously in the world that God created for them.
A metrical fairy-tale about differentation, but most of all, about self-esteem and acceptance of the other. In a few words, it is about love, this power which moves the universe and which we owe both to ourself and the neighbour, including the natural world which surrounds us, and which is a primary element and a prerequisite for mans course to the Light.

Elina Ch. Marmaridou
Petros Bouloumpasis
Grammatiki Karavasilikou

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