The great love for the place I was born and grew up was the motive power which drove me to the accomplishment of publishing “Routes to the Past, Megali Panagia in Chalkidiki, 1887-1978”. Basing on this love three people joined their powers. Those people were Vassilis Doukas, a photographer, permanent resident of Megali Panagia, who gathered the photographs with great care and sensitivity, his wife, Anna Papagianni, a literature teacher, resident of Megali Panagia, who wrote the texts which accompany the photo album and me who edited and financed the publication.
The intense feelings were our fellow-travellers throughout the creation of the photo album. Feelings of emotion, nostalgia and our childhood memories were raked up every time we worked on an old photograph.
Within this intense and pleasant emotional mood we studied the photographic material which we classified by subject and discussed with our fellow-villagers in order to trace back the dates and people who are pictured and state narrations about the manners and customs of our birthplace.
At first, I believed that this particular publication would concern only my fellow-villagers. However, along the way, I found out that, apart from the names that come along with each photograph, the publication is a panorama of photographs that takes us back to Greece of past times.
Even people coming from different places and held the photo album in their hands felt the same nostalgia and emotion as me. The names may have been strange to them, however, the dances at the village central square, the feasts, the rural occupations are common elements of the Greek tradition and history, they smell of Greece.
Having as a rule my love for special books, with desire, consistency, and my firm belief that the relation between the reader and the author maintains the originality of emotions through time, we continue our publishing effort with new suggestions so as to provide the reading public with companionship “For life”.
                                                                                             The editor,
                                                                                             Grammatiki Karavasilikou